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Our 55th Reunion is down the road a bit, in 2020. Who among us in 1965 could even imagine where we would be 55 YEARS later? The years have flown by and many of us are still laughing about the good time we had at the last reunion.

No plans have been made yet for the 55th Reunion. Watch this site to learn about those plans when they are posted, probably in the Spring of 2020.

Our goal is always to produce an enjoyable reunion weekend that includes as many classmates as we possibly can, for every reunion. Even after the reunion is over, we still want to keep the database up to date so we are ready for the next one. Unfortunately, our database is never complete. We have addresses on many of you; we don't have current information on way too many of us.

The links to the left are lists of classmates in three categories:

* those we had information about - dating to the last reunion - many will need to be updated,
* those we haven't found so far,
* and those reported sadly as deceased.

A recent mailing to classmates returned many addresses as unknown. As we have gotten older and retired, perhaps many have moved. Please take a few minutes to look through the Addresses Unknown list and help us find those whose addresses we don't have.

Please, use the "go to info form" button at the top or bottom of each section to send the reunion committee more information about yourself, or to update your address and phone number and email, to tell us about a missing classmate, to let us know about a classmate who is deceased, or to correct information. Thank you.


Thanks for visiting the Van Horn Class of 1965 Reunion Information Source.

See you all next time.